Kiwadu Surf School - Surf Lessons And Internship - Seignosse - Hossegor 



The surf workshops and lessons are available from 6 to 77 years of age, from beginner to intermediate or even confirmed levels. The organization of Kiwadu Surf School in Seignosse and Hossegor allows for homogeneous lessons; whether with family or friends, we do our best to make your holidays easier in Seignosse and Hossegor. Therefore, your surf workshops and lessons can start on any day of the week.


The 6 students’ groups and the 2 hour surf lessons allow for an individualized technical teaching method, which guarantees you fast improvement and teaching method adapted to your individual needs.


Certified with the Master Degree Diploma (Brevet Professionnel) and also with the BNSSA, I’ll safely introduce you to the ocean environment and to surfing. 

SURF DISCOVERY:                       safely discover the surfing        activity and first sensations.                                                                1 LESSONS 35€ *

EXPLORATION:                       improve your getting up,      balance and stability and take   on some more waves.                                                                              2 LESSONS 65€ *

SURFING PLEASURE:                     learn to turn towards bothsides on broken waves and take more independence.                                                                                      3 LESSONS 95€ *

MASTER THE FUNDAMENTALS:  improve your level and discover the sensations of taking on waves further offshore by safely  using the currents.                                                                              5 LESSONS 150€ *

EVOLUTION:                                   take on waves that did not yet brake and navigate by winning more independence.                                                                                       6 TO 8 LESSONS                  26€ THE LESSONS **

INTENSIVE PROGRESS:                 learn to gain speed and to guide your path by adapting to the wave’s onslaught.                                                                                   9 LESSONS AND MORE      22€ THE LESSONS **

Price by person

** (Price from 5 day surf lessons  bought, by person)

 For groups or CE quotes, please contact Kiwadu Surf School directly in Seignosse, Hossegor and Capbreton at or by phone (+33) (0)6 25 10 01 66.


*It is important to be healthy and to know how to swim for the surf lessons and workshops. Our collective lessons have a 2 hour duration, boards, wet suits and all the essential equipment to practice surfing will be provided for the whole duration of your surfing lesson. 

*For your personal comfort, please do not forget :

sunscreen, a towel and some drinking water.